Sato Goldschlag – Mr. Mister [Official Video]

Download: Sato Goldschlag – Mr. Mister (Laidback Luke Remix)

Woah, I know what you’re thinking. Who the f*ck is Sato Goldschlag? (literally that’s the first thing I said when this song came up on shuffle during a nap in the student parking lot last year). You may remember them last year when they first came out with ‘Mr. Mister‘ originally featuring the undeniable vocals of Wynter Gordan (now featured vocals from Hannah Sidibe) but due to clearance issues these two had to take a step back to make everything work out. This music video takes place in a plaza directly in Westwood, CA (woop, Go Bruins) in which two characters go on an instant date (?) which then leads to the male character believing that he’s about to be gifted with the graces of a freak but turns out this girl is that other type of freak (the one to rip your heart out, literally). The video then cuts into the second repeated sequence except at a diner.

Honestly, I don’t know what the f*ck the meaning is behind all the “write your name all over your heart” stuff but I did sleep through film and humanities studies in high-school so really can’t blame myself (or just lack of sleep). Damn, for all I know all the symbolism could all relate back to the Illuminati (everything does). Anyways, Sato Goldschlag is one to look after (again). Why? Quality > Quantity. I give this track and music video 10 stars for an amount of reasons only producers and directors would care to notice but in the end you can’t beat hard quality work. Be sure to watch out for this track as it comes out on Beatport and iTunes May 7th, as well as Dim Mak‘s upcoming New Noise 4. Find out more about Sato Goldschlag (here). Check out the Laidback Luke banger as well!

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