mtvU Presents: 3LAU On His Transition Into Dance Music + 3LAU HAUS #13 (Anniversary Exclusives)

Not often that people have the opportunity to be able write about their friends whom at the same time are touring across the country while being documented for MTV (nbd right?). Well, Justin Blau is one of them. In collaboration with mtvU, 3LAU is launching a couple episodes where he essentially explains why he’s on his way to the top in the world of dance music.

Check out 3LAU HAU5 #13 including anniversary exclusives after

This episode goes through his early days in high-school which he was introduced to a few bands as well as his trip to Sweden which ultimately introduced him to the dance music scene and aroused his curiosity of being involved. Justin, goes on about having the opportunity to choose a career path of finance or dance music and well you can already see how ones choice panned out. Later he talks about his conversation with Diplo in a dressing room during a school hosted event about how cliché it is nowadays starting out making beats.

All thrilling to see where this is all going, especially from just a guy from Las Vegas making mashups in a dorm room in St. Louis just a little over a year ago. Anyways, that’s my regurgitation of this episode instead of going about how crazy this entire situation has become for 3LAU as well as considering there are still a few more to go I’ll save the cheesy stuff for later. Peace.

3LAU HAU5 #13 + Anniversary Exclusive!

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