Ethan of Candyland DJ’s New Side Project: FMLYBND

FMLYBND Brighter

Ethan Davis, the male half of the Candyland DJ duo has started a side venture with five long-time friends who have basically become a family (hence the name and pronunciation “family band”). Hearing their debut single to their upcoming self-titled album, I immediately resonate with sounds of M83 meets the Drive Soundtrack. FMLYBND certainly has our attention with this single, and we’re excited to see what’s in store next from the fam.

Ethan has already told me that we can expect a Candyland remix to the single soon. See what else he had to say after the jump:

Click To Download: FMLYBND – Electricity

FMLYBND (Family Band) is an awesome blend of real and electronic music. An M83/Passion Pit vibe is the closest thing i can relate it to. We’re all super good friends and well rounded musicians so we put together our talents and came out with a great record. It’s really meant to be timeless and create a sense of nostalgia (eventually). You know how sometimes a certain song or album can define an entire season of your life? It becomes to sentimental that every time you hear that song or album you’re taken back to that season. That’s what we’re hoping this record does. Although I’m not playing as many shows for Candyland I’m still doing the production so there will be a Candyland remix of Electricity coming out soon.

Ethan Davis

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!