One Republic – If I Lose Myself (PRFFTT & Svyable Remix)


It’s almost too easy to close my eyes and just let this remix by the incredibly depthful duo that is Prfftt & Svyable take me over.

Effortlessly combining organic snares and kick hits with the clearly cut vocals resonating against a perfect back drop of a nearly growling bassline, the verse has as much of an impact as the drop. Something rare with most producers underselling the verse portions of their productions to give the drop more umph by contrast, the arrangement works to completely involve you in quite the sonic journey. If you listen closely behind the clashing snares and synths you’ll hear an arp line that really puts the production over the top for me. Loved this one and I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

Download : One Republic – If I Lose Myself (PRFFTT & Svyable Remix)

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