Envoi – Changes EP (Amazing New Pop, Rock Group)

So after listening to this your immediate comparison is going to be Paramore… they know it we all know it. But hey Paramore doesn’t even make songs like this anymore (in my opinion), so why not find a new awesome pop punk group with huge female vocals. Introducing Envoi. I’m one of those old fashioned people that while in the car likes to have a 20 song CD to learn every word of every song too, and well “Ghost” was played at least 100 times. I just can’t get over her damn vocals. Plus that’s no rip on the rest of the band, the drummer seems to kill it in every song, and you know we wouldn’t be posting this if the guitars somehow sucked. My personal favorites besides “Ghost” were “What Happened in Wyoming” and “Dissenter“.

Needless to say I would hope you keep Envoi on your radar, I’m sure any moment they are gonna get snatched up and be all over your TV. Word is some very powerful people in the music industry have already taken notice.

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