Avicii’s Manager/Island Def Jam Launch New Label: PRMD Records


Ash Pournouri, the man behind At Night Management and the DJ who swept the world on too many Levels has just taken his music endeavors to new heights with the launch of his new label, PRMD Records. The label already boasts big name DJs such as Cazzette & Mortem Breum with Cazzette’s upcoming album titled Eject to be one of the first products out the door of PRMD. Headquartered in Sweden, Ash mentions that the label “will include four top-of-the-line recording studios and video production facilities in a historic landmark building” as budgeted via his multi-year, seven figure partnership with Island Def Jam.

My goal has remained the same since starting my management company four years ago in Stockholm – to identify and develop talented producers and artists, taking them first to fans and then to the marketplace through new paradigms, creative brand partnerships and front running third party platforms. The enormity of Avicii’s success proved that we could do that on our own. PRMD will maintain the creativity, spirit and flexibility of an independent label, but with enhanced distribution channels that will allow us to continue to compete in the global marketplace as an influential market player.

Ash Pournouri

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