3LAU To Star In mtvU Docuseries ‘On My Way’ (Video Trailer)


It’s what you’ve all been asking for. Justin “three lau” Blau, otherwise known as 3LAU is shedding the “mashup guy” costume and is now ready to show us his true self. It’s no secret that he used mashups and bootlegs to his advantage to initially propel his road to fame as the haters keep pointing out – but hey, it worked, and it worked because he was one of the best to do it. Taking progressive anthems that back then weren’t quite ready for the mainstream USA college demographic (sadly), he infused them with the right pop lyrics to make the genre not just acceptable, but now in high demand across all campus. Since then, he’s he’s toured all across the country and has performed with some of the worlds biggest EDM artists. He’s even built a school. And this is only the beginning.

Now fast forward to 2013, and everyone is more than acclimated to the “mashup genre” and already addicted to original EDM production. Although Justin’s journey to originals has been underway for quite some time now, he is now ready to share it with you all. And this journey will be documented by none other than mtvU, dubbed appropriately “On My Way.” Follow him as he pursues his dreams in the EDM world after taking a leave of absence from Wash U, and watch him take over. Tune in April 22nd! Trailer after the jump.

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3LAU’s ‘On My Way’ Trailer:

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