First Listen: New Daft Punk “Get Lucky” Music Video Trailer With Pharrell x Nile Rodgers At Coachella!

Update #3: Higher quality vid added! Enjoy. We’ll try and confirm the Monday release, but as you can see above, the features are pretty evident! Can’t wait.

Easily the biggest news to come out of Coachella today was the music video teaser played before the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s went on, showing some footage of Daft Punk! Apparently a ton of people ran up to the stage chanting “Daft Punk.. Daft Punk” when they heard it. Rumor has it, a new single, maybe with a music video set to be released Monday, 4/15? And of course… rumors of them playing the festival tomorrow are at an all time high but don’t get your hopes up as those rumors have been bashed over and over again by those close to the illusive electronic disco duo. In the preview, for about 1/2 a second, we witness Pharrell, which was confirmed in as a collaborator.

The best you’re going to get right now is a Vine embed, no joke, but don’t worry we’ll upload something legit as soon as it hits the interwebz.

Update #2: Vine has been updated with VEVO’s version! Much better. Looks like according to their tweet, this one will feature not only Pharrell but also Nile Rogers? Worddd.

Update #1: well here’s a semi informative tweet from Pharrell – #GetLucky is the name of the track people think is being released Monday.


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