LL Cool J Ft. Brad Paisley – Accidental Racist + Live For You

*Warning Accidental Racist is Country, While “Live for You” is pretty catchy and poppy*

So “Accidental Racist” has just created this huge shit storm, as does anything in the 21st century that attempts to break racial barriers. I personally think it’s just another song expressing emotions by the ARTISTS who are allowed to paint whatever picture they want with their words. ABC compared this to “Ebony and Ivory” and MJ’s “Black and White”. The artists both have since made numerous statements backing their decision. Most recently LL Cool J has said he is “pleased” with the reaction to “Accidental Racist” and that the “song did it’s job” – as you can hear in his Tonight Show segment after the jump.

Whereas “Live for You” is actually a pretty catchy almost poppy tune, with Brad Paisley ditching the country routine and singing a pretty amazing chorus.

Download: LL Cool J feat. Brad Paisley – Live For You
Download: LL Cool J feat. Brad Paisley – Accidental Racist


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