Chrome Sparks – Sparks EP

5 (23)

This is pure excellence on every level that is chilled out, sparked up and relaxed.

Chrome Sparks is a new name for me, and I feel like I discovered him at the perfect time on this usually mundane and dreary of days. Oh Monday, I lament you so. I’m making my coffee, prepping for work and I stumble, almost quite mystically on his new EP, Sparks, a crystal clear and calm reverence to the melodic nature of 808s and electric pianos, and melt in your mouth synths. With super creative and subtle sampling of light-hearted conversations, female breath-singing and pitched down hardly recognizable vocals, he paints a literal picture that ignites you to stop, relax, and take in the day like there’s nothing else going on and nothing wrong.

I HIGHLY recommend this.

Download : Chrome Sparks – Sparks EP

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