2AM Club – Moon Tower (Free Mixtape Ft. Chiddy Bang, XV, Big Sean and more!)


Been sitting on this for a minute now, totally forgot to listen and post. Better late than never right? 2AM Club give us a catchy, pop/hip-hop/indie/chill-as-f*ck tape that is a must listen to from start to finish. You’ve heard some, but I promise there’s plenty of head boppin’ gems left. And looks like this is the tape that’s going to push them over 100K fans on Facebook! Congrats guys. The tape is presented by Clinton Sparks as well.

“The Moon Tower is a house in Hollywood, California where we lived for five months writing and recording music. This is a record of those events.”

Download: 2AM Club – Moon Tower (Mixtape)


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!