Daft Punk – SNL (Basic Physics Remix)


I’ll be very first to say it, I was starting to miss Basic Physics’s always timely party ready mashups so when he hit me up with a remix of Daft Punk’s mysterious 15 second SNL clip I was more than a little intrigued and excited. Fast forward to hearing it in all its mastered glory, I will say this, the kid is back with a vengeance. Fully invested in the realm of producing and showing that the hiatus was a necessary but effective one, Alex Syse, or Basic Physics, creates a remix that really makes you want to dance, sweat, fist pump, or whatever it is you do to show excitement when out, about and raging. To make it better he’s made it available for free download so be sure to grab it!

Download : Daft Punk – SNL (Basic Physics Remix)

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