Kanye West’s ‘I Am God’ Is A Track On The Album, Not The Title


There was an ounce of truth to the I Am God rumors. But even Kanye isn’t that cocky or egotistical to make that his album title. According to sources at G.O.O.D Music, those three controversial words will actually just be a track on the album. Oh good. The source told Huffington Post:

“We would never be so presumptuous or sacrilegious to call ourselves the supreme being.”

The title is actually going to be a single, and in full reads “I Am A God.” Kanye has not set a title for the album yet.

And to further explain the reference, Malik Yusef who is a big part of Yeezy’s record making process tweeted suggesting that the title stems from Psalm 82, which scholars point out isn’t even putting man in line with the heavens but rather referring to magistrates, judges, or others of authority? Regardless, the track will reflect some sort of higher power, and it’s probably going to be GOOD.

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