FITA Premiere: Tjernberg – Watch The World End EP + Interview


First of all, myself and our team at Fist In The Air would like to personally give a congratulations to Tjernberg for turning 18 today! (grattis!). Anyways, I remember the first time hearing about Tjernberg more than a year ago along with his Swede friends Jakob Liedholm and Steerner. Ever since then I’ve been hooked onto his sound as each song whether a bootleg, original, or a simple edit, they all sounded extremely catchy and to simply put it you couldn’t get enough it. Hell, I wanted to get so involved with this guy so much I offered to do a music video to his bootleg of Dada Life‘s ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’. (watch here).

Honestly, I could go on all day about his successes in the past year, and he knows that he’s been away for a while which is why I decided to take up on the opportunity to ask him where he has been and what he been up too (actually, I needed something to be translated into from Swedish in which we began to talk on about music and such). You check out the exclusive interview below. As for this EP, well, I guess you can say, HE’S BACK.


First, introduce yourself.

First of all, I would like to say that you are doing a great work with your blog and I’m really thrilled to do this interview with you guys.

My name is Albin Tjernberg and I’m born and raised in a town next to Gothenburg in Sweden. I’m taking classes at a high school which is focused on music and even some graphic classes. On the rest of the time, I obviously focus on my tracks and upcoming singles as well as profiling myself.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard of you, what you been up to?

I’ve been up to a lot of things. Last time I released something was with my friend and the really great producer Steerner. Things has obviously changed and I’m focusing more on my solo career now. Since I’ve got some questions about it, I’d like to clear things up a bit by telling that me and Steerner are absolutely not hating each other or something like that. We are still great friends and we have had so much fun together and we will still have, It’s just hard to form a duo when you live three hours from each other. It worked for one year thanks to Dropbox and taking the train but it’s getting harder.

After that we decided to move forward as solo artists, I’ve been focusing to form my own sound and find great people to work with. I’ve been to Stockholm a lot to meet some labels and agencies to try to find the right platform for my music, and now I’m preparing the single called ‘Until Time Stands Still‘. I have also built up a great network of so many good people around me and now it’s time to just keep working on my music and do what I love.

How did you get into dance music and eventually producing it?

I actually started out with making a hip-hop album with my friend Joacim from Gothenburg. Qe had a great time doing it and I still love hip-hop very much. When we were in the middle of this album, the whole EDM scene started to explode in a quick fashion. Tim Bergling blew up, and the most successful EDM group was formed (Swedish House Mafia). They released tracks like Leave The World Behind and One. It was during this time I started to produce dance music which I really got hooked to, so I continued. After some months I did only produced dance music.

Who musically inspires you?

It’s really hard for me to idolize someone and say exactly where you get inspired. But music-wise, I could say that I’m mostly inspired by all these Swedes (Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, Otto Knows, Avicii and Nause. To name a few). I’m also a HUGE fan of all the releases from Axtone and Refune. That’s top quality if you ask me.

What is the dance music scene like where you’re from?

It’s not that big in Gotherburg as in comparison with Stockholm, for example. But last year some huge local artists, for example Sebbe from Cazzette and Qulinez started to appear. They do actually live like 20 minutes from me.

What are some you’re goals you’d like to accomplish within the next year?

My goal is to focus on my tracks and career, and develop both as a producer and a person as much as I can, and if I succeed with this, I’ll be happy. But of course I hope I can deliver some great single releases + more free DL EPs’ as well as some remixes.

What do you think about the impact social media has on dance music?

It’s a great way to connect with your fans. For example, producers nowadays seem to have more of an insight into how the people react to certain styles thanks to the social media. They can see what the listeners are really into and I think a lot of the producers out there really pays attention to what their fans are saying and trying to make everyone happy. So in terms of how it’s changed, I think social media has changed dance music in terms of making it more appealing to the people. It also helps the EDM scene grow way faster than how it would be without it.

What do you love most about dance music?

I love how it bring people together! You meet so many inspiring people who are as equally motivated as you. Everyone is trying to push their own brand and it’s really easy to help each other out in many ways. It’s also really fun how it has become so huge around the world and it brings thousands of people together on different events and similar. There’s also a lot of producers around the world who share the same interested as you, and the fact that you basically only work digital makes your location matter less, and makes it very easier for anyone to work.

Some closing words (på svenska).

Kom till Sverige, ta några hästiga köttbullar och lyssna på ABBA, det blir kul! <3 - Tjernberg

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!