Introducing Brooklyn’s finest : No Way Josie

Totally giving my approval of No Way Josie, an electro-pop duo from Brooklyn, NY. The pair, Kym and Drew who mind you embody everything Urban Outfitters tries to be, just dropped their latest single. The hot single FREAKNESS is the title track off their newly released LP.

SO what you’ve all been waiting for…. their very broklynesque story. The two New York City bike messengers met while racing alleycats…. then in 2011 the magic was made and they began collaborating to make sick music. I’m sure without even hitting play you know what to expect, but just in case you need some reassurance…they give you heavy beats, catchy hooks, sassy vocals and plenty of whomp.

Hit em up, on their ttwitter and Facebook and be sure to check out their soundcloud to hear more.

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