Deniz Koyu – Rage [Out Now]


Going to do things a little different here by asking some questions about this track. Apparently this the follow up summer festival track to Deniz Koyu‘s ‘Bong’, and it’s titled rage. So, a couple questions. Is it rage? Where I am from (SoCal) a rage track is a track that makes you want to get up off your feet and start wrecking havoc to whatever comes into your sight. To be honest, this track is not so rage. Though, just because I feel like it’s not rage doesn’t mean it’s not a great track. I’d certainly say this track is rage if it were in a video game or some sort who knows, maybe this is just one of those tracks that need that perfect setting to fill in the correct emotion the artist wants you to feel, and maybe I just need to hear this live at a festival (just maybe). Til then rage. Out now via Refune Records. (does this track make you want to rage?)

Download: Deniz Koyu – Rage (Original Mix)

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