Breaking News: Ultra Music Festival Lighting Collapses, Injuring Multiple People


8:40 PM | Word was that as of 7:49 PM one of the stages at UMF 2013, with the first weekend of it’s 15th anniversary set to begin tomorrow, has collapsed. Miami Fire Rescue crews are on the scene at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami.. number of injuries unconfirmed but there are reports that some are trapped as well.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops… Hope Weekend 1 isn’t in jeopardy.

9:35 PM | Update 1: wasn’t a stage, it was some large lighting equipment, and 3 people have been injured. “Up to two of those people were said to be in critical condition” and all three were rushed to a trauma center.

9:41 PM | Update 2: Click here to view the live footage, click on Archives, then 7-8, then navigate to around 7:49:25… Thx to our Facebook fans for the tip!

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