Hoodie Allen’s Crusin USA Tour- Episode 1

AND HES BACK, fresh off the release of his FREE album, Crew Cuts, Hoodie Allen has set off on a 28 city headlining tour: The Cruisin USA Tour with Aer, G-Eazy, and Jared Evan. Needless to say, he’s going all out and giving us all a look in. Today we bring you, the people of Fist in zeee air, Episode 1, season 3… of Hoodie’s Tour Life.

His crew has been documenting their crazy journey (shout-out to director Jay Obryne) on the biggest headlining tour of Hoodie’s whole career. By covering the shows, the road, and the action of the shows saying these episode’s are gonna be a front row seat is quite the understatement.

The tour life videos are part of an 8 part series, and a new video will drop each monday and leave you google mapping HA’s next show. Episode 1 hits Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and and Joliet (Illinois lol #yeeeehaw) with sick music by Adventure Club Remix, Steve Aoki, and Big Spender ft. A$AP Rocky.

Watch it, love it, buy tickets and get a look into Hoodie’s shows with his friends band and crew.
HOODIE MOB ON THREE…1, 2, 3 (see now we’re all apart of it…)

[ps rumor has it that his drummer broke his foot… and is still drumming, badass.]

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