Candyland – WMC (EP)


New tres song EP from the epic duo known as Candyland! Here is what is coming your way…

Candyland releases a big EP in honour of their WMC Debut in Miami (at Mansion with Knife Party). Candyland steps into the world of BIG progressive house with their fesitival remix of Timeflies ‘Nothing At All’ while still staying true to their roots with the alternate party mix that Candyland has been known for. Also check out their new original Candyland-‘Rick Rolled’ OG Trap mix just in time for everybody rolling to/in Miami!

See if they are coming to a city near you after the jump cause that font in the photo is small as shit.

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3/13/2013,”Austin, TX”, SXSW AM Only Showcase
3/14/2013,”San Francisco, CA”,DNA Lounge
3/15/2013,”Kelowna, BC”, Sapphire 450
3/17/2013,”MIAMI, FL”, MEKKA
3/20/2013,”MIAMI, FL”, Mansion
3/21/2013,”Calgary, AB”, Ten Nightclub
3/22/2013,”Edmonton, AB”, The Warehouse
3/28/2013,”Philadelphia, PA”, LIT
3/29/2013,”Kalamazoo, MI”, Y-BAR
3/30/2013,”Los Angeles, CA”, Phi Sigma Kappa
4/5/2013,”Clemson, SC”, Kappa Alpha
4/5/2013,”Columbia, SC”, Tin Roof
4/12/2013,”Denver, CO”, The Church
4/13/2013,”Orlando, FL”, ROXY
4/17/2013,”Worcester, MA”, Bar FX
4/18/2013,”Boston, MA”, Rumor
4/19/2013,”Cleveland, OH”, Liquid
4/20/2013,”Lake Tahoe, NV”, MontBlue Ampitheatre
4/25/2013,”Bloomington, IN”,Dunkirk
4/26/2013,”Missoula, MT”,Stage 112
4/27/2013,”Dallas, TX”,Quick Trip Park

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!