Bruneaux – Creature Of Habit (Mashup Album)


I am so proud of my homie Bruneaux for hooking all of us up with his newest beauty of an album. This not only is an amazing continuous mix of tracks from all the decades, but his song selection keep the flow going for any party! This is what he had to say about the album:

Hello my name is Bruneaux and I miss the 90s. Fuck it, I miss the 2000s too. So I took it back old school when I made this mashup album. I dare you to listen and NOT remember the good old days. N64, Capri Sun, Pogs. Yeah, it’s all in there, embodied musically within 55 minutes of pure bliss and nestled between 262 rad samples.

Download: Bruneaux – Creature Of Habit (Mashup Album)

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