Bro Safari – Scumbag (Rell The Soundbender Remix)


Clearly we aren’t the only ones taking notice of Rell The Soundbender. After dropping some of his own tracks during his sets, Bro Safari gives the official cosign for Rell to lay down his own production on Scumbag. Enjoy.

Click To Download: Bro Safari – Scumbag (Rell The Soundbender Remix)

“I recently thought of the idea to have a bunch of friends remix my music and then give it out to you guys. I’ve got a few buds doing different remixes right now, but as opposed to waiting and releasing them all together, I think that it would be better to just release them as I get them back. I’ve given out the parts to quite a few songs to a number of people, so we’ll see what happens.

First up, Rell The Soundbender. The first tune I heard of his was called Grimey Thirsty, and I still play it in every set. He’s definitely becoming known for his aggressive sound design and energetic productions. Not to mention, he’s a super cool guy. So I asked him if he wanted to remix my tune “Scumbag” and he cranked out this beast.”

Bro Safari

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