Yellow Claw – Amsterdam Trap Music (EP)

Yellow Claw takes the newest sounds from the club and drive them off a cliff. The Amtsterdam Trap Music EP is nothing short of that insanity. Their brand new EP starts off with ‘Kaolo‘ a eastern infused banger with mad dhol’s from the start that turns into tripped out tibetan trap complete with monk bells and prayers. ‘W.O.L.F‘ follows that with a track built around a vocal phrase that never gets tired, “Turn up the volume, Watch the bass get them open”, pure fire. ‘4 in the Morning‘, is another huge trap selection with a perfect rnb vocal hook. The drop sounds like a murder scene from an all cyborg version of Psycho. Yellow Claw rounds out the package with ‘21 Bad Bitches‘ their swaggest out players anthem. All these tracks are locked and ready to go, the amsterdam trap sound is a monster!

Download: Yellow Claw – Amsterdam Trap Music (EP)

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