Dirty South – Speed Of Life (Album) [Out Now]


Well isn’t this absolutely special. It’s my (was) birthday! Okay, other than that and the fact that tons of music is being released today (coincidence, maybe) and as well as Dirty South‘s album ‘Speed of Life‘ came out today! Truly amazed at how Dragan Roganović just decided to go out the traditional electronic music structures of big riffs and huge kicks and instead just produce beautifully sounding music with soothing vocals. Enough said, Dirty South doesn’t get up on the mic each two songs to “make some noise” or “insert cliché DJ quote before the drop here” he talks to you through his music, driving emotion out and throughout your body, streaming good vibes and affecting the respective circle around you. Or, as said before, you just like good music. That’s all that matters.

Download: Dirty South – Speed of Life (Album) via iTunes | Bonus (Speed of Life)| (Full Tracklist)

(scroll to listen to first 3 tracks)

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