Mako – Beam Ft. Angel Taylor (2013 Original Mix)


Mako is one of those groups you do not want to pass up. The talent on board here reminds me of an allstar game expect for both players are from the west. Alex Seaver is a classically trained composer from The Julliard School while Logan Light has been on the DJ circuit opening up for big names such as Tiesto and Avicii. Everything these guys show me is another hit. “Beam” is no exception and this is their first solo project and happens to come in a combo meal with a side of musical generosity through the addition of one of the best toplines I have heard in a minute. Angel Taylor is the beautiful and talented girl I am referring too. The combination between her vocals and their production is the definition of heave on earth. Make sure to connect with these guys on Facebook and the rest of their social media to stay up to date with all there insane projects they have going on.

Download: Mako – Beam FT. Angel Taylor (Original Mix)

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