[FITA Premiere] Blondfire – Where The Kids Are (The Two Friends Remix)


Today The Two Friends bring you a brand spanking new remix.

Buddies Matt and Eli (they’re the Two Friends in case you missed that) decided to put a new sound to “Where the Kids Are” by Blondfire and this ishhh IS FIRE. The thing I love about these guys is how well they can make a song that was popular in the past and resurrect it from time and send it launching into popularity again. If you aren’t bumping to this then I suggest you listen to it again until you love it. I can guarantee you won’t hate it. The lyrics are youthful and heartwarming. The builds in this climb so high you can’t help but anticipate the drop, and finally when it drops, it’s something done beautifully and steadily with the right touch of rhythm. I can truthfully say I love this song. Check out the premiere of The Two Friends remix of “Where the Kids Are” and be sure to download it

Download: Blondfire – Where The Kids Are (The Two Friends Remix)

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