Deniro Farrar & Flosstradamus – Look At The Sky (Official Music Video)

Directed by Anthony Supreme, the music video for “Look at the Sky” delivers a powerful message of what life is like for many that struggle, portraying the common theme, “birds of a feather flock together.” In times of desperation we feel we can only face these overwhelming obstacles by looking up to the sky and seeking help. The track was laid out by the notorious trap stars Flosstradamus and rhymed over by Charlotte, North Carolina rapper, Deniro Farrar.

The visuals in this music video are golden cinematic frames set to widescreen throughout, which you may or may not take a liking to. I enjoyed it’s display because as scenes bounced from Farrar being in a desert lighting fireworks to him making his niece lunch in a small kitchen, the widescreen kept me focused between the slits. But how about I stop ranting and just allow you to view it yourself? Deal? Okay, go.

Oh and make sure you read that quote at the end.


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