Jetpack Jones – Afterburners 3: The Brink (Mixtape)

No stranger to Fist In The Air, Jetpack Jones, finally drops his long awaited mixtape Afterburners 3: The Brink. In the year 2012, I can’t think of too many rappers who were on their grind and worked harder than Jetpack Jones who dropped 5 mixtapes and an EP all in 1 year. He’s carrying his hardworking mentality into 2013 with this release and is once again showcasing his skills as a rapper and displaying that he has the potential for true longevity. While his flow is continually improving as he is becoming more and more comfortable on these beats, his lyrics are to me the thing that stand out the most. Speaking on very real topics, Jetpack shows off story-telling abilities, and speaks on many different topics with ease. Afterburners 3 is not something you wanna miss out on, and if this is any indication, expect for Jetpack Jones to have a BIG 2013.

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