Truth Himself – Waking Life


The second drop from Truth Himself as he teases us with his upcoming free album out 3/15/2013! Check out the lyrics after the jump. Listen to “Scumbag” here.

Download: Truth Himself – Waking Life

Where am I? I can’t remember, I
Need to get my mind back together, I
Fell asleep last night in my own bed
No drinks, I think I was alone and
I woke up, to the sun shining, I
Can’t even remember one time that I’ve
Been here, I know it’s outside,
I hear birds chirping, hear dogs crying
For attention, think I’m the only one here
Wherever this is don’t see one of my peers
Then a woman walks up with the face of an angel
And looks at me like I’m crazy, as if I’m no stranger
Oh what a tangled web we weave she said
Can’t believe you’d have this dream again
That’s when I remembered the place from a past dream
I met God here before as damaged teen
Ugh….and that’s when I saw him
In the distance was my grandfather
Then the angel said let me take you to her
Don’t wake while you’re here, cuz your fate’s determined
Right now, and then there she was
With a face so gorgeous it was like looking at the sun
She said, my son why’d you come to me?
Cuz most don’t heaven just for the company haha
I shrugged and said, don’t wake me up though

We call this the dreamland, she said
I asked if she created everything
She said yes, the rain, the sun
The stars, the moon, you, and the pain of love
I asked what death feels like and
She told me she’d guess that it feels right
You fell asleep and you came here
So I’d assume that death feels same dear
And I asked her, why we kill
And she told me she gave free will
I said we’re fucking it up buckling ourselves in chains
Cuz I don’t trust nobody in a world of pain
Well that’s your fault she said me
And even when you decease you ain’t dead to me
I asked what the hell’s my purpose on earth it’s
Gotta be music, she said your scratching the surface
There’s more than that, sure, the core is rap
But you could change lives, if you focused, damn
Well what’s that to me, tell me wear to start
Who should I follow? She pointed at my heart
Then she smiled at me, and her face faded
I tried to stop it I can’t wake up
Then my eyes fluttered, and I slipped away
Woke up in bed, and wrote this shit today

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