Modestep – Evolution Theory (Debut Album OUT NOW)

After getting the deluxe edition and listening to it all night while working yesterday, I must say this is one of the most versatile, powerful and mind boggling releases I have heard in quite some time. I want to start off by saying Modestep is the main reason I got into electro/dub music in the first place. Being a musician myself, the respect and appreciation I have for them adding live instruments and pure musical talent to their electronic sound is astounding. No one can mimmick their sound. Ever.

Download: Modestep – Time

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Stream my favorite track, Time, here and download it. To read the rest of the review, hear the album in full, and purchase it just hit –>

The album itself, consisting of 17 phenomenally executed tracks and 7 massive remixes (some of which will lead Womp Womp Wednesday this week), consists of some tracks we have heard and seen visuals for, but the ones that were kept a secret till this release deserve some shine. Here are my top 3.

1) Time – Just listen to it. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a Pink Floyd record. Not Pink Floyd’s song “Time,” but seriously felt like I was listening to Floyd.
2) Saved The World – That guitar riff is majestic. The lyrics will hauntingly send chills down your spine. A song that picks up and turns into an anthem for sure.
3) Evolution Theory – I mean, the project title track has to be good right? Well, this time around it’s better than good. It’s great. Also, Freedom is right up my alley with the heavily distorted guitar riff over those hard hitting drums.

PLEASE SUPPORT this superior release. Their debut project. Be a part of history. Purchase it. Support them. Share their material. It’s in your hands now.

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