Updated: Kid Cudi ‘Indicud’ Tracklist Surfaces on Reddit? Confirmed Fake, but Features Revealed.


While the power of the internet is strong, there is NO CONFIRMATION to whether or not this is indeed the tracklisting of Indicud. Honestly it looks more like MOTM3 to me…Either way if this is true, it’s going to be one hell of an album.

Reddit has spoken, however we traced the original source to a seemingly legitimate Wikipedia page created for the album here. Whether or not its verifiable remains to be seen.

**UPDATE: Unfortunately the listing was a fake, however an impressive enough troll to get a salute from Scott himself…However thanks to Mark Webber, a friend of Cudi’s who ACTUALLY has heard the album, he confirms that Kendrick Lamar, Too $hort & RZA are in fact on the album. That may be the extent of all the features on the album, but then again we may be in for another name or two, stay tuned.

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Original source…

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