The Two Friends – You (Me) EP [Out Now]


The Two Friends, consisting of Matt Halper and Eli Sones are creating quite the buzz. And it’s only getting louder.

The duo from LA have known each other since high school and decided to combine their musical talent during their senior year. They started producing mashups, remixes, and originals, as well as producing for various artists, and are now doing big thangs.

In their latest EP, You (Me) EP, you’ll discover two tracks that will have you abusing the replay button. Both are progressive house singles that bring a soft, soothing melody. My favorite, and is one I think you’ll enjoy too, is Your Song featuring I Am Lightyear. It’s a song with beautiful bouncy builds coupled with a catchy (and very cute) phrase of la la la’s. I know, sounds weird but it’s striking and addictive and that’s why I like it.

Be sure to keep these guys at your watch and support them and buy the EP off Beatport now! But sure to buy each separately to get them to the Top 100.

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