Baauer’s Harlem Shake Goes Viral

I think it’s safe to say that the trap-phenomenon has gone global. Only 6 days ago, a group of Australian skateboarders had uploaded a video (above) of themselves shamelessly enjoying Baauer‘s ever popular Harlem Shake record. Hours later, a second group had uploaded their version, and now almost one week later thousands upon thousands of these videos are surfacing in the exact same fashion, each with it’s own unique twist.

Just a little statistic: According to Google Trends, the search term “Harlem Shake” has increased from a peak search volume of 4 on February 4th, to 100 today.

Like most trends, this one will likely phase out in the next few days but was certainly hilarious while it lasted. The Harlem Shake war has drawn in the participation of notable groups like College Humor, The Chive, Beatport and Atlantic Records, as well countless offices and a local fire department and still showing no signs of slowing…

Below we’ve compiled some of our favorite videos, but comment & hit us up on Twitter & Facebook with your top picks if they didn’t make the list.

**Update: According to Reddit, tomorrow there is going to be a flash mob-esque Harlem Shake in Times Square…My feeling is this it’s a little too late on the viral curve, but still pretty epic if it’s done right.

Watch after the jump:
*Edit 2: Movement is STILL going strong…Added the best since the original batch directly below. Catch the rest all the way at the bottom:

–Original Batch–

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