The Game Gets 3 New Tattoos…Including Dr. Dre’s Face


I certainly understand the respect that The Game has for his longtime mentor Dr. Dre, but yesterday he took his respects to an entirely new level.

Game visited famed tattoo artist and wife of Deadmau5, Kat Von D as well as Peter Koskela to get Dre’s The Chronic album cover along with his 2005 debut, The Documentary featuring his son Compton tattooed on his stomach. While it’s easy to understand the significance of the tattoos, I do think tattooing my mentor’s face may be taking it a little far…See the rest of the pictures after the jump:

“Gettin ‘THE CHRONIC’ album tatted on the stomach… OUCH ! But when I think about what this album did for my city… The pain disappears. That’s Life,”

“3rd tattoo of the day….. This one by the homie @petertattooist might be my favorite thus far….. #TheDocumentary album with my oldest son @harlemcarontaylor on the cover… #CLASSIC !!!!!!!”


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