Above & Beyond – #ABGT Radio #013


The only way I could describe Above & Beyond’s stellar output of radioshows each week is incomparably brilliant. They combine their personalities, their roster’s incredible production and a tried and true format in such a way that over 30 million listeners worldwide wait with baited breath every week for the next installment. The 13th episode of their newly named and relaunched show, Group Therapy Radio, hits the airwaves with hits from the group themselves, starting the mix with Black Room Boy in their club mix and quickly moving to Ost & Meyer and 7 Skies’s epic collaboration in Dharma. With the milestone release of Anjunabeats 10 approaching, their record of the week encapsulates all that is great about the brand in Oliver Smith’s Pressure. All together, the mix is an absolutely heavenly 120 minutes of great, uplifting trance music that goes by way too fast.

Above & Beyond – #ABGT #013 by Above & Beyond on Mixcloud


1. Above & Beyond “Black Room Boy” [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats Volume 10)
2. Ost & Meyer vs. 7 Skies “Dharma” (Enhanced)
3. Lange vs. Genix “Immersion” [ilan Bluestone Remix] (Anjunabeats)

Record of the Week

4. Oliver Smith “Pressure” (Anjunabeats Volume 10)

5. Speed Limits “Ode To The Wind” [Juventa Remix] (Enhanced Progressive)
6. Arty feat. Chris James “Together We Are” (Big Beat)
7. Eximinds “Mainbeat” (Garuda)
8. 19Hz “Cloverfield” (Enhanced Progressive)
9. Artento Divini “Drop Off” (In Charge)
10. Beat Service vs. Loverush UK & Shelley Harland “Different World 2013” [Dub Mix] (Beat Service Audio)
11. Store N Forward “Bananas” (Afterglow)

Push The Button

12. Tangle & Mateusz vs. Lele Troniq “Sucker Punch” [Johnny Yono Remix] (Lange)
13. Bart Claessen & Raz Nitzan pres. Who.Is “Only Totally” (Anjunabeats Volume 10)
14. Ronski Speed “Sanity Dub” [Exclusive Volume 10 Mix] (Anjunabeats Volume 10)
15. Den Rize “Better Half Of Me” (Always Alive)
16. Toby Hedges “Mirai” (PHW)


17. Super8 & Tab “Elektra” (Anjunabeats)

Andre Sobota Guest Mix

1. Jody Wisternoff feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn “Out Of Reach” [Andre Sobota Remix] (Anjunadeep)
2. Andre Sobota “Saudade” (Toolroom)
3. Andre Sobota “Saviour” (Toolroom)
4. Andre Sobota “Blue” (Lo Kik Records)
5. Andre Sobota “Found” (Pryda Friends)
6. Andre Sobota “Lights” (MicroCastle)

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