Breaking News: Is Kanye West’s New Album Called ‘Rich Black American’?


Word is quickly breaking with news that Kanye Wests‘s next solo album will be called Rich Black American. Word is, an image has been floating around of an iTunes Store screenshot showing the album next in line after My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. You even get a glimpse of the album art – a thick white border with possibly a Mona Lisa figure in in black & white? “Perfect Bitch” as you can see has made the album, the track he devoted to Kim Kardashian. There’s the aforementioned collaboration with Skrillex, but it’s not the first track as previously reported? There are other discrepancies, such as where is Jay-Z? Regarding the other features as you can see after the jump, they do sound surreal, but if anyone can put that lineup together it’s Mr. West. Track titles are believable, but we shall see. We’ll keep you posted, and can’t wait, but hope it’s not complete.

See the supposed screenshot after the jump!

via: Complex

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