Mike Stud – Started From The Bottom (Remix)

I won’t lie – as excited as I was about new Drake dropping, I was completely let down with what we heard in “Started From The Bottom” which hit the internet last night. It’s not that it was “bad” and I see where he’s coming from, but it was lyrically weak compared to what we’re used to, and frankly it just sounded a bit boring. Mike Stud though, loved the track, and had to remix it ASAP. And we’re glad he did, as he goes IN on it. Mike, if you’re reading this, just one thing and please don’t take this the wrong way (coming from a long time supporter and all), but I’m getting a bit tired of hearing the word “hoes” in your tracks. Other than that, keep killin’ it sir. Judge with the assist with the beat, and Jon Kilmer Studios with… well the assist on everything he does.

Download: Drake – Started From The Bottom (Mike Stud Remix)

mike stud drake remix

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