Krewella – KREWLIFE 5: Magical Mystery Tour (Video)

Krewella‘s back with yet another vlog. Featuring the ridiculously hectic “Zedd – Scorpion Move (Krewella Remix)” which you can also hear in the second installment of their Troll Mix, watch the 5th installment of #KREWLIFE as the Krew finishes up their latest tour. There’s a ton of rowdy footage, capped off with a fight at a frat afterparty. They’re about to embark on their next tour (starting tonight in Tallahassee, FL) after spending most of January working on their next EP. Check out the rest of the upcoming stops here (I’ll be making my way to Cleveland for when they kill it at DayGlow Life In Color), and you can expect more wild footage coming your way soon.

krewella krewlife 5 magical tour

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