Mashup Monday (Ft. Kid Cudi, Skrillex, Chris Brown, Foxes, B.o.B, & More!)


According to Deadmau5 via UStream, “The ‘Levels‘ of 2009 was ‘Day N’ Night‘ by Kid Cudi, everybody f*cking played it.”. Well, whether it was an overly played track at morps‘ across the country or just another song your friend told you to listen to, the lyrics to Kid Cudi‘s hit track are attainably unforgettable. Switching subjects, usually I would feature more dance music related track mashups or so called “bootlegs” (there’s a total difference but whatever), instead I wanted to take a different approach and showcase something more than just dirty bass and ignorant synths. Isosine, passed the mashup test. I listen to mashups and edits that are done correctly and with heart, if I end up listening to the track more than once, it’s a pass. There is a reason why Isosine has over 15 million views on his YouTube channel, and is also the exact reason of how I came about this mashup. Anyways, for visual pleasure you can watch Kid Cudi & the beautiful Foxes in a fairly well put together video (here).

Download: Foxes vs. Kid Cudi – Home At Night (Isosine Mashup)


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