Matisyahu Round Two: Spark Seeker, The Acoustic Sessions


Tomorrow, January 29th, the acoustic sessions for my man Matisyahu‘s latest album, Spark Seeker is coming out. Getting all up close and personal with Matisyahu (while he loses the internet fake dupstep sounds on the album) is about to be nice. This past year was a big one for him while he casually shaved his beard off at a local Super Cuts and decided to change everything that his life was about. While he embarks on a “chill” journey 5 pounds lighter (facial hair lol k) he is on a small acoustic tour ending in Febuary.

Showing the world his true colors, the acoustic album is about to be raw. He told Rolling Stone,”It allows me to express a deep level of intimacy that I feel connects with my fans, I love playing the songs stripped back . . . it gives the subtleties of the song and voice the ability to come to light.” Mhmm sounds good to me, support Matis (member of the tribe) by purchasing his album tomorrow and give yooself a lil sneak peak now below.

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