Oliver – Mechanical EP [Out Now via Fool’s Gold Records]


Been sitting on this one for a couple of days because I wanted to give it a listen before posting. Oliver, a DJ/production duo made up of Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein and Vaughn “U-Tern” Oliver, met in LA after years of writing, producing, and DJing to form the unique hybrid of dance music they are now known for. We bring you their big release with Fool’s Gold Records, Mechanical EP. You’ll find it to be groovy, funky, experimental (in the best possible way), electrofying, and a plethora of other adjectives. As their FB details, “they took their shared 80’s baby tastes – relentlessly groovy R&B, boombox worthy hip-hop, soaring electropop hooks” and as you’ll hear in this very entertaining 4 track EP, took dance music to the next level. You will be vibin’ 15 seconds into this.

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