The Connects – Love In Las Vegas (Epic Music Video)

For any artist looking to get their song posted on a music blog, TAKE NOTES.

“I’m writing this email from the linen closet at the Beverly hills Betty ford clinic. They are telling me the revolution is over but I don’t believe them.

It began like it normally does, my deeply conservative parents get Corey Feldman to dress up like a facial pubed out Dr. Phil in an attempted intervention for the booze, the rapping, the glitter gloves…

Thankfully I have great friends, who when in need, will strap on their leotard, smash through my living room window, and stab my dad just to protect me from soberdom.

What’s the best kind of relapse? Midgets, Strippers, and finding Love in Las Vegas.. and that’s just what we did. Enjoy.”

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