Introducing: CFP The Band – Self-Made Soul [EP]


CFP The Band, short for Constant Flow Producers, is a 9 person Band out of Lexington, Massachusetts (just North of Boston). What is cool about this band is they mix jazz elements infusing it with hip hop. They had first caught my attention two years ago when they had opened up for Mac Miller at a small venue in Cambridge, MA called the Middle East. An act that I had formerly managed opened up with them, and the first thoughts in the green room was how was this relevant to the show. Simply, for the fact that they had a variety of instruments from violins to guitars. But, they had proved me wrong as they had killed the show.

Two years later they put out their first EP titled Self- Made Soul and it is cool what they are doing. They all come from different cultural background and unite through the common interest of music. My favorite song on the EP has to be Living Free [Track 3] with the positivity in the lyrics (I like to hustle grams of dreams and hope) meshed with the horn section coincide to create an uplifting track. This EP reminds me of SKI Beatz24 Hour Karate School. I look forward to hearing more from CFP outside of the live shows that they put on. Enjoy, and listen with an open mind.

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Official video for Living Free is after the jump!

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