Superchilled Vol. 4: Ft. Bit Funk, Foals, Julian Malone, The Come Up Boys


We haven’t supplied chill tracks as of late, so here are a few for you. Most of you college kids are back to the school grind with classes and whatever, so here are some dope tracks to help you unwind, study, or just clear your head.

Download: Bit Funk – The Long Road Ahead
Just an incredibly chill vibe that breathes off this track. Hence, why it is leading Superchilled.

Download: Foals – My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)
The creativity some artists have sometimes is mind boggling. T.E.E.D. cranked the creativity up a notch with this stellar remix.

Download: Julian Malone – Give A Eff
Slow head bobbin type beat while this young Chicago rapper spits some lyrical pizzaz.

Download: The Come Up Boys – What Are You Talking About? (Prod. Larry Fisherman)
Apparently Mac produced this beat with musical typing, and recorded straight in to a laptop microphone. Hotel studio sessions are tight I guess.

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