Event Review : NYE Cry Wolf + Unlimited Gravity


Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this review. I drove 6 hours to finally see these guys play live, and it was well worth it. From sleeping on Justin’s sex stained couch, to a crazy girl claiming that she had been backstage at a Kanye concert and repeatedly calling Cry Wolf’s manager a douche (can’t blame her) for not allowing her backstage, and even eventually having to fireman carry her ass to the exit, to Champagne (technically Pinnacle) facials backstage. This was probably one of the best road trips of my life. The event was hosted at Southland Ballroom, and Life is Art, helped make this awesome Wolf Mask to display visuals for the entire Cry Wolf set. .

Doppleganger came on first and really set the pace for what was to follow. Cry Wolf soon followed, with probably one of the coolest/high energy sets I have seen in a long time. In case you don’t know Cry Wolf consists of drummer JohnLuke, and vocalist/pianist/producer Justin, and the combination of the two is really an experience hard to put into words. You always see cool drum covers of EDM/whatever songs on YouTube but rarely do you get to see it put into action for every song in the set. JohnLuke was even covered in blood by the end of his set from playing so damn hard and breaking all his calluses

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The best part was they played 4 out of 5 songs from their New EP titled “Ghosts” being released in February on their recently signed label “Always Never”. I have listened to the whole EP and with Justin doing vocals on every song it’s a huge change from their previous releases. You can really feel the emotion on every song, and I constantly find myself belting out the lyrics in my car, while the other drivers at the stoplight are judging me, and probably wishing they could sing like me. All in all 2013 is gonna be a huge year for this duo, and we can only wait to see what else they have in store for us.

That’s not all though, Special Guest Unlimited Gravity, came all the way in from Colorado just to play for this show. By the time he came on I was sufficiently liquored up, and couldn’t help but rage with the rest of the rave girls in the front to his melodic set. Not to make comparisons, but if you are into anything Pretty Lights’esque then UG is definitely an artist you want to keep your eye on. He has a ton of releases coming out very soon.


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