A-Trak – Fool’s Gold Radio January Mix + House Party Tour Recap Video

So glad they released the footage of the madness that ensued in Athens on his house crashing tour. Although I was somewhat disappointed Kirill wasn’t on our stop for champagne facials. Seriously this concert was A-Trak, Flosstradamus, and Donnis and was at some hipster fucking venue in Athens, never even heard of the place. AND IT WAS WILD. The combination of drunk college students, sluts, and Hipsters + PBR was amazing. I don’t think you can spot me in the video because I’m on the side macking on some flannel wearing, chain smoking hipster chic, but this video is a must watch.

Oh and you are gonna definitely want to listen to this mix, A-Trak is such a unique artist, really one of a kind.

Download: A-Trak – Fool’s Gold Radio January Mix


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