Hoodie Allen Announces Tour w/ Aer & Jared Evan


WOAH WORLD the anticipation is growing, and tbh I’m on the edge of my seat….

1. Hoodie Allen announced to all his 213,178 fans via a Facebook picture that his new mixtape called “Crew Cuts” (feelings, emotions? yeah I just don’t know.. but moving on) is coming this February. I can’t wait for the classssssic “CLICK TO DOWNLOAD” website seen many times before.

2. (the bigger news if we’re being honest with one another) As he stated, “BIG NEWS! CRUISIN’ USA TOUR W/ Aer. TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS FRIDAY”. I mean that shits in caps so you know its really serious, he is NOT messing around and he also forgot to mention Jarad Evan, but it’s fine whatever he was just excited and hit post! Get your calendars out and starting planing because the tour dates are all ready on his website. …Or go buy some glasses because the venues and dates at the bottom of the poster are literally written in size 2.5 font and not friendly to the human eye.


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!