The Fate of Ultra Music Festival 2013’s Second Weekend May Be Decided Tomorrow


After dropping the potentially devastating news that Ultra Music Festival’s attempt of a second weekend may be thwarted …Some hope still remains for the thousands upon thousands of EDM fans hoping not to cancel their Spring Break plans.

Tomorrow, January 10th, the meeting between Ultra Music Festival and the Miami City Commissioners’ Office will be streamed live to the masses, a meeting that will certainly give insight to the future of UMF‘s epic Weekend 2.

At the last meeting, the board of 4 commissioners had tied their vote (2-2) on whether to go through with yet another traffic-devastating weekend in the already busy city of Miami. With the tie in votes surrounded by pessimism and many yet-to-be-answered questions about Ultra, the board had no choice but to cancel the festivities. But now, after much petitioning and perseverance, the board has decided to give it one more shot, and to add to the drama, it’s going to be held live for the world to see.

The meeting starts at 9AM EST tomorrow via the Official Site of the City of Miami. Stay tuned.

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