Event Review: Aokify NYC with Steve Aoki, Benny Benassi and Nervo at Pier 94 12/27


All I could remember the week leading up to Christmas was one thing… Aokify. Not opening gifts, not sipping egg nog by the tree and not seeing Santa trail down my block on a firetruck. Nope. All I wanted was to see my style and music idols Nervo, legend Benny Benassi and Steve Aoki for the 5th time on December 27th. I’m pretty sure 5 times marks an anniversary. Check out more after the jump!

As soon as I made my way into Pier 94 for the very first time, I was in awe at the decor on the ceiling and how nicely everything was set up. It looked like shiny icicles dripping all around. It certainly was chilly inside, so that added to the effect. Nobody Beats The Drum took the stage first, playing lots of hypnotic and groovy house beats with a dash of electro thrown in that had people moving their feet. After they concluded their set, the two stunning blonde twins took the stage to replace the trio of guys that make up Nobody Beats The Drum.

Who are were the lovely females? Nervo, duh! They kept dropping bomb after bomb, with tracks including one of my favorite tracks of 2012 “Every Day” by Eric Prydz and an upcoming track entitled “Army” with R&B crooner Omarion. I really wish they could have played longer, that’s how much I enjoyed their set. Mim and Liv, if you are reading this, 2 thumbs up and girl power!

After Nervo left the stage and ventured off, the myth, the legend, the incredible Benny Benassi came on and whoa… that’s all I can say. Not only did he play the Laidback Luke remix of his hit “Cinema” transitioned into the wildly popular Skrillex remix, he played not one but TWO W&W tracks! I couldn’t believe that I heard “Lift Off!” live for the first time. It was definitely a mindblowing moment.

Once Benassi drifted off the stage, the man of the evening Steve Aoki came to the stage and everyone welcomed him by errupting in massive applause. He opened with the vocal version of his latest track “Singularity”, which I’ve had on repeat over and over since he released it on his “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” EP. In typical Aoki fashion, he caked a lucky fan in the crowd, sprayed champagne on all of us and unleashed the inflatable raft to the crowd. The only thing that would have been the icing on the cake that evening (no pun intended) would have been me getting icing on myself from the cake that was thrown. Whomp. There is always next time – the 6th time’s a charm, right?

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!