Diplo Unveils Details On New Crossover Single With 2 Chainz

Diplo recently visited the ATL to hook up with 2 Chainz and do some work on their new single. All while 2 Chainz was working with Trinidad James on a huge 17 verse remix to the ever so popular “All Gold Everything,” which we will also be anxiously awaiting.

Anyways, the single is called “Go Heavy” and if that isn’t any indication enough of how bad ass this track could be… Idk. I guess I am just really excited to see how this will turn out.

You thought the EDM takeover of 2012 was huge? Wow. Just look at how 2013 is starting. The EDM/hip-hop crossver is something that has been morphing and taking form over the past couple years, but I feel as if 2013 will have something super special in store for all of our eyes and ears.

What do you guys think of this collab and do you see mega EDM/hip-hop collabs starting to trend in 2013?

Diplo’s 3 little digs from the interview:
1) Vinyl’s (he wants to start sampling more classics with new drums and new production styles)
2) The #ExpressYourself movement (ladies, that’s you)
3) Heading to the Bahama’s for shows (ahhhhh vacay)


Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!