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It’s 2013, so let’s start off by (re)introducing a certain individual that will be appearing all over your timeline this year, Henrix. Usually this is the part where I go in-depth of the history of the artist, but luckily I was able to bring to you a special interview with the man himself (click below). As for any frequent festival goer or avid listener of dance music, it’s certain that you may have already heard Henrix‘s collaboration track called ‘Hit It‘ along with friends GTA & Digital Lab, which was just signed to Steve Angello‘s label Size Records (nbd right?). Anyways, now that we’ve left behind generic motto’s in 2012 I feel it’s best we try out a new one? “Sex, Drugs, Rock & Rave, Let’s Get Smashed & Misbehave“. Check more artists like Henrix via Hype Jones Entertainment.


VSo tell us about yourself?

H – My name is Henrix, I was born in Brazil but raised and based out of Miami.

VHow did you first get into dance music?

H – I got into dance music years ago, I used to be into trance and euro dance in the late 90s and early 2000, eventually I started getting more into Hip-Hop but always still loved dance music. I then really got into the dance scene again when I first heard TiestoAdagio For Strings, and Love Comes Again by Tiesto (which i remixed). Those 2 songs really got me back into it hard and I never looked back haha. I still listen to every type of music though.

VWhat’s the dance music scene like in Miami? Do you feel that festivals like Ultra Music Festival and powerhouse clubs like LIV, Mansion, and Story play a big roll.

H – The dance music scene in Miami is very divided honestly. You have the commercial crowd and then you have the real underground guys. And yes, Ultra and the big clubs like LIV, Story, and Mansion do play a big roll. Every week there’s a big DJ in Miami, so something is constantly happening here. Reason why people say Miami is one of the hot spots of the world for dance music.

VHow important do you think social media plays in EDM?

H – I think social media is a VERY BIG part of a DJ’s career these days. A lot of DJ’s have become famous off of blogs and forums. Just look at Avicii, he’s the perfect example. If you make good music and market yourself right on social media, you can go far in the industry. It’s actually a combination of a few things but social media is one of the biggest parts.

VYou have huge collaboration coming up with your friends GTA & Digital Lab called ‘Hit It‘, which was just signed to Steve Angello‘s label Size Records. What was thought process producing that track?

H – Yes, ‘Hit It‘ is coming up soon on Size Records. I get asked that question a lot lol. Well, I think how that came about was basically we got together in the studio and wanted to make something big. If we have 4 artists on a track it better be something memorable since there’s so many heads on it lol. We kinda wanted to do what the Swedes did with ‘Leave the World Behind‘. Come together and make something big but coming out of Miami. This city has a lot of great talent but hasn’t had a track come out of here that has been played by so many great DJ’s like ‘Hit It‘ has been. We want to put Miami on the map. It has always been more of a underground scene here until the last few years. Oh, and it made it easy for us to make the track as we live 5 min from each other.

VYou’ve some big plans ahead of you I’m sure, any you would like to share? Future collaborations?

H – Yes, a lot of new things coming up! A LOT! Some very big collabs that some I can’t speak of right now. I do have one with Digital Lab and also one with Jakob Liedholm with the vocals of Zashanell coming soon.

VAnything else you would like to say to everyone out there?

H – I would like to thank everyone that has been supporting me the last few months, It’s been one hell of a ride in 2012 and it’s just going to get better in 2013! I love all of you and without you I am no one.

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